CLIQ® Programming Devices

Manage your CLIQ access system efficiently with the right combination of desk, wall and portable programming devices. Update keys, collect audit trails, program your CLIQ system and more

A range of CLIQ programming devices helps you operate your CLIQ access control system efficiently.

Desk programming devices connect CLIQ management software to a programming key as part of the authentication process for new access rights. Used centrally by a security administrator, they manage encrypted data transfer between the CLIQ software and physical CLIQ devices and extract local audit trail readouts from CLIQ Keys, providing the information to the system administrator. A component of the CLIQ Web Manager and CLIQ Local Manager solutions, the desk programming device enables users (or a partnering reseller) to issue and reprogram CLIQ keys.

Wall programming devices can be deployed centrally in a strategically chosen, fixed location for day-to-day CLIQ user updating procedures, for example at a main building entrance. Amongst the varied operations, these can handle updating of key firmware for all people that access the building, offer an extraction of event logs from a user key or allow the administrator the setting (and resetting) of key time schedules and validities. Wall programming devices are the right component of CLIQ Web Manager Remote.

Mobile programming devices are carried by mobile workers for updating keys on the go. Bluetooth-enabled CLIQ Connect keys and the CLIQ Connect smartphone app offer an alternative to mobile programming devices. Programming tasks can be transmitted to, or collected from, programming keys via remote programming devices. Mobile programming devices enable daily interaction between your site users and the CLIQ system. They transmit access authorizations or validity updates and also offer backup online functionality in case of a lost server connection. They are the perfect fit for CLIQ Go and CLIQ Web Manager Remote solutions.