Comprehensive security systems for government facilities

With a variety of functionalities, government facilities have a great need for flexible locking and security solutions.

From offices, training centers and exercise areas to top-secret facilities, reliable doors and systems are a must in high security environments, and everything from mechanical locks and door hardware to electronic solutions such as alarms and access control systems need to work in an integrated, easy to administrate and future-proof way.

Main areas where ASSA ABLOY can offer an integrated solution:

Perimeter Security and grounds: Access control systems allow remote monitoring of installations from a central location and to ensure that all visitor access is controlled.

Administrative areas: strong and solid specialized products, such as the master key systems and solutions for access control and high security deadlocks and padlocks prevent unauthorized access to networks and information.

Asset Tracking: intelligent key cabinets and lockers easily integrated into access control solutions more widely provide extra protection through real-time audit-trail, labeling and traceability of the most important assets of the Facility.

Emergency exits: quick solutions out to combine the security egress, including form intended purpose and fire doors systems out of panic that protect people and property during emergencies and to prevent external intrusion , any time.