CLIQ®, the mechatronic access control system with key credentials

Keys or access control — why not both?

A CLIQ® mechatronic locking system combines patented, high-end mechanical and electronic protection.

A CLIQ® mechatronic locking system combines patented, high-end mechanical and electronic protection. It is based on programmable physical keys with optional Bluetooth functionality; a range of wireless electromechanical door locks and padlocks, suited to even the toughest climates; and powerful, user-friendly admin software.

A CLIQ® access control system brings control and convenience without the need for wires: all CLIQ® locking devices are wire-free. CLIQ improves your site and building security with flexible access rights and easy key management — and is straightforward to administer anytime and from anywhere.

A range of key-operated mechanical cylinders and padlocks maximise physical security and attack resistance. CLIQ® technology layers encrypted, user-friendly electronic security on top.

Discover the benefits of a CLIQ access control system

Boost security with flexible access

Wireless locks can be individually programmed with time-limited access, using programming devices or keys. Permanent or temporary rights for contractors are assigned quickly and easily. Flexible management is enhanced via audit trails and automated reporting.

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Carry one key to open everything

Using a different key for every lock is a thing of the past. One programmable CLIQ key opens not just multiple wireless door locks, but also cabinets, rooftops, gates, vaults, windows and more. Peace of mind is ensured when every access point is secured with CLIQ.

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See who went where, and when

Instant, on-demand audit trails show you where staff, contractors or visitors have been around your business premises. The CLIQ access control system contains multiple intuitive administration options, including desktop software, a web manager and user-friendly mobile apps.

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Minimise risks related with lost/stolen keys

CLIQ keys are battery-powered and can be programmed with flexible access rights and schedules. Every lost key is easy to revoke electronically, saving you time and money on changing locks. Optional regular key revalidation adds another layer of access control.

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Become cost- and time-effective

CLIQ saves money for your business. No cables are required to install a CLIQ locking cylinder. The standard battery inside every programmable CLIQ key has a typical life of 30,000 cycles (or 3 years). Key battery replacement is fast and easy — no tools needed.

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